Deckbuilding PVP game
Overview: Summoner is a deckbuilding PvP game. You will be building a deck from cards presented in the center of the game board and aim to defeat your opponent with them. The goal is to reduce your Opponent’s Health to 0 - the first player who does that, wins.
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Game board Here’s a short summary of all card places in the game:
- Shop: a set of 5 cards in the center of the game board. Each Shop Card has a Price listed in the top left corner: a player can buy it on his turn, if he has enough Gold.
- Shop Deck: a ‘warehouse’ of sorts that stores all the Cards yet to be displayed in the Shop. After a player buys a Card from the Shop, a new one gets drawn from the Shop Deck to replace it.
- Player's Hand: a set of cards (usually 5) a player can cast on his Turn. Your opponent’s Hand is always shown face down.
- Player's Deck: your card library, that gets bigger and bigger as you buy more and more Cards from the Shop.
- Player's Grave: cards that have already been played OR new cards that were just bought from the Shop. After you exhaust all Cards in your Deck, your Grave is emptied, and all the Cards stored there are shuffled back into your Deck.
- Stack: cards that have been played this Turn. Both players can see the topmost one, with the others stacked right under it. Stack is emptied at the end of each Turn, and all the Cards played are moved to the respective player’s Grave.
- Player's Health: a ‘Heart’ indicator next to a player’s portrait. That’s your most important resource - if it hits 0, you will lose the game!
- Player's Gold: a ‘Coin’ indicator next to a player’s portrait. It shows how much Gold you’ve gained this Turn.
Summoner gameplay
Turn Sequence We’ll begin at the moment when you start your Turn:
1. Refresh Shop: After your Turn starts, the Shop updates its range of Cards. For each Card missing from the Shop, a new one is drawn from the Shop Deck to replace it. That repeats until there are 5 Cards in the Shop.
2. Play Cards From Hand: That’s your main phase. What can you do?
1. Play Cards: you can play each Card you have in Hand (they don’t have a Cost, so usually you’ll want to play your entire Hand until the end of your Turn). Be mindful of the order you play your Cards - some Cards are more advantageous when played first, and some are best saved for last.
2. Buy Cards from Shop: if you have enough Gold, you can (and should!) buy a Card from the Shop. Simply clicking on it will move it from the Shop to your Grave (usually, you won’t be able to play a Card you just bought right on the following turn - you’ll have to wait a bit).
3. End Turn: After you’re sure that you’ve done all you wanted, you press End Turn to pass a turn to your Opponent.
4. Discard Hand: All Cards that are still in your Hand are moved to your Grave.
5. Clear Stack: All Cards that you Played this turn are move to your Grave, too.
6. Lose Gold: All your unspent Gold disappears (that’s why it’s important to buy Cards as soon as you can afford them!)
7. Draw a new Hand: draw 5 new Cards from your Deck. You will have time to devise a strategy for the next Turn while you wait for your Opponent’s move.
After that, it’s your Opponent’s turn to refresh the Shop.
Well, that about sums it up. Enjoy the game and feel free to share your thoughts and impressions with us - we will greatly appreciate it 🙂
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