Single-player roguelike deckbuilder with NFT sidekicks
Single-player roguelike deckbuilder that takes you for an adventure through a dungeon teeming with monsters and otherworldly threats. Bring your NFTs with you to serve as your trusty sidekicks and brave the dangers of this realm!
In Solitary you play as a Solcerer himself who leads a team of sidekicks into various battles. The default sidekick classes are: a warrior, a mage, and a rogue. These characters have their own decks of cards and will offer a random one for you to choose from every turn.
But before each run, you can replace any of them with an NFT from a supported collection. Although the game is on devnet right now, it will check all NFTs that you have on mainnet and will let you choose those of them supported in Solitary to replace the default sidekicks.
Each collection represents its own class and will gain unique abilities appropriate to its origination.
  • DegenApe, for example, will let you remove shields and block the enemy's turn by shuffling a banana into their deck.
  • Metabae will help you heal or guard all allies and cast powerful magic spells.
  • Snek will let you play more than one card per turn or deal damage that ignores the enemy's block.
After killing each enemy you get a reward and can choose whether to keep it or proceed without.
Clearing all rooms on the floor brings you victory.
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