Solcery Engine
Protocol responsible for actual development of your game
Solcery Engine protocol takes care of everything related to the actual development of a game. Each project a user creates is an isolated database, which is created via the Engine. Some system entities in this database are predefined and immutable for the creator, some are mutable with certain limitations, and the rest are fully controlled by creator and their project.
Key functionality provided by the protocol:
  • CRUD (create-read-undo-delete) for all classes and entities. There will be a collection of templates, handcrafted by Solcery, to bootstrap the project workflow, but it is possible to manually recreate and finetune any of them.
  • Managing the system of accesses to the project, allowing to develop by oneself, with a team or to open any part of the project to the public, making it open-source and community owned.
  • Logging, version control, migrations
  • Compilation of all the game content into a data stucture, digestible by the Solcery Game protocol
  • Running any part of the project in a configurable testing environment
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