Solcery Database
Generalized database serving as a ground layer of most core Solcery protocols

Key features:

  • Sharpened specifically for Solcery Runtime, can be utilized as a stack memory and be accessed during Solcery Virtual Machine execution
  • Allows for easier data migration and writing scripts
  • Data can be fully self-descriptive and can be used without serialization
  • Modular access through account access masks
  • Allows for abstract storage of typified objects instead of interacting with account addresses
  • Full CRUD (create-read-undo-delete) functionality
  • Allows storing and working with all the protocols configuration settings onchain from within the content system using the database
  • In addition to reading account info allows for creating read requests, being executed with Solcery Virtual Machine
Each database account has the following fields:
  • version (for irreversable structure changes)
  • access (access mask account key)
  • data (anything serializable)
Database program has the following types of entities:
  • Storage - account with a storage of accounts
  • Template - account, storing
    • template description (name, id)
    • list of object storages
    • serialized descriptions of fields of objects
  • Object - template reference + any binary data that can be deserialized with this template
Key data types, available in Solcery Database:
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