Solcery is a zero-code on-chain game engine on Solana that gives its users a quick and easy way to create blockchain game experiences, instant access to an ever-growing library of games, and an ability to turn any NFTs they own into unique in-game assets.
Read the complete introduction to Solcery on Medium: What is Solcery?
  • Zero-code game engine
  • Intuitive visual scripting tool
  • Fast iteration cycles
  • On-chain game logic
  • Modular approach to content management
  • No middleman between players and creators
  • Solcery Virtual Machine
  • NFT integration
  • Systems as a service (database, storefront, rating, matchmaking)
  • Solcery Store
  • Esports ready
  • Cross-platform
  • Win-to-earn model
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Ever-evolving toolset
  • On-chain NFT metadata storage
  • Built-in governance
Core protocols:
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